Monday, 9 April 2012

Product Rave.........Nicky Clarke Salon Dryer

I have to admit I am extremely sceptical when it comes to hair dryers claiming to do anything but DRY my hair. Last month my trusty Babyliss hairdryer that I have used for two years completely burnt out on me.

So I took a trip to my local Boots to see what they had to offer. I stood there looking at all the different makes and models and was completely confused on what to purchase. Then I noticed the Nicky Clarke packaging, it is bright and bold and drew me towards the product. I colour my hair a lot so was sceptical as I said before, but still very intrigued by the claim it 'helps prevent colour fade'

                                                        Nicky Clarke Colour PROLONG
                                                               2000 Watt Salon Dryer

Ok so to get to the point, what I like about this dryer........
  • It's lightweight
  • dries hair quickly
  • leaves hair feeling smooth and soft
  • hair looks shiny and healthy
  • It's simple design and easy to use
  • colour looks fresh after a month of styling
So overall I love this dryer and recommend it highly!

I can no longer find this on the Boots website but I have found it at Argos for £19.99!

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